2017 Best Hairstyles For Long Hair

February 23rd, 2018

Best Long Hair Styles For 2017

Long hair is a trend which can never go out of fashion. It has been and will always be a fashion trend. Long, beautiful and jet black tresses are what dreams are made of. In 2017, a lot of women and girls alike have embraced the long hair ritual. Though, it is quite difficult to maintain and with the pollution and stress, there are a lot of complaints about hair loss. But, one cannot deny the magnetic effect of how graceful and elegant long hair looks- straight, wavy or curly.

So, let us chart out the best hairstyles for long hair this year:

1.Belle Half-updo:

This hairdo gives us Beauty and the Beast’s chills. It was a heart warming movie with some epic fashion moments. This hairdo is one amongst them. The trick to get this flawless hair do is to enhance the crown hair, add some hairspray to get that volume. Then wrap it in the back and secure that hair behind your ears, just above the neck. Get some waves done at the bottom hair with a hot curler.

2.Pulled back half do:

A half do on longer hair is great as keeps the baby and stray hair out of one’s face and eyes as well as gives room to highlight and accentuate your face and earrings. It completes the features. Part your hair and comb it properly then gather some sections of your hair and take it back and secure it with pins or clips. Voila! Your pulled back half-do hairstyle is ready.

3.Lose braid:

A braid is a great fashion icon and holds great value. Toss all of that voluminous and long hair into one side of your head. Divide the hair into three sections and braid all of that hair into a loose hair. Run a comb through the braid to loosen it. Keep it simple yet chic.

Try all of these hairdos and let us know which style suited you the best in the comments section.