10 Skin Care Wraps For This Season

April 13th, 2018

What is a skin care wrap?

Even frequent spa-visitors don’t quite understand the concept of skin care wraps. Well, to start with the basics skin care wraps can be of different kinds: Hydrating skin care wraps, re-mineralizing skin care wraps and detoxing wraps.

The Processes involved in skin care wraps

Skin care wraps, otherwise also known as body wraps always begin with some kind of exfoliation. The exfoliation can be done either through bod scrubbing, dry body brushing, body polishing or salt scrubbing. Depending on your goals, a wrap with the best suited ingredients is then selected, to help you get the perfect glowing skin that you’ve always been wishing for! Once the wrap is on, it’ll stay put for about 20 minutes after which you’ll be asked to wash it off or the chances are, it’ll be taken off of you.

Your best bet is to opt for a skin care wrap done by massage therapists because then, they naturally incorporate massage techniques and that relaxes your entire body like never before.

Top 10 skin care wraps

Making a skin care wrap is simple: all you have to do is take the ingredients and blend them well into a muddy mixture. After that apply it all over your body, cover yourself with a sheet, wait for 20 minutes and then shower it off. According to the experts, here are the top 10 skin care wraps for this season:

1) Cellulite Removal wrap


Seaweed powder, Almond Oil or Olive oil, Warm water and Rosemary essential oil

2) Clay Detox wrap


Clay, Apple cider vinegar, water and any essential oil of your choice

3) Epsom salt detox wrap

Ingredients: Epsom salt, purified warm water, olive oil, rosemary essential oil

4) Ginger circulation wrap

Ingredients: Ginger roots or powder, Clay, warm water

5) Cayenne wrap

Ingredients: Cayenne powder, white clay, warm water and your choice of essential oil

6) All-star wrap

Ingredients: Seaweed powder, white clay, apple cider vinegar, essential oil of your choice

7) Olive oil detox wrap

Ingredients: Olive oil, grapefruit essential oil and lavender oil.

8) Chamomile wrap

Chamomile tea bags, warm water, olive oil, lavender essential oil

9) Chocolate wrap

Ingredients: Melted chocolate, warm water, honey, pureed strawberry

10) Banana wrap

Ingredients: Banana, honey, essential oil of your choice

While the above mentioned wraps are good for your skin, O2 Spa’s signature body wraps actually help you bring back the lost moisture and life to your skin. If you do not believe me, believe the reviews about the body wrap spa treatments there.

All being said and done, it’s up to you as to how you want to treat your skin and how you want to take care of it. Personalize your own routines and see what works out for you.