10 reasons why massage is important for your health

January 24th, 2020

10 reasons why massage is important for your health Making massages a part of one’s wellness routine is highly recommended for all those who experience frequent bouts of stress and anxiety due to professional or personal reasons. It proves beneficial by offering mental relaxation and also by improving one’s physical stamina. In this article we are going to discuss both the psychological and physiological effects of massage for the human body. The importance of massage lies in the fact that it can help us recover from stress, inspire us to live life with a refreshing outlook and fill us with positivity. Let us go over some of the benefits that validate the importance of massage for our well-being.
  • Reduces joint pains and body aches: Of the various physiological effects of massage, relief from joint pain is the best. It soothes our muscles that often come under strain due to work stress or hectic physical activity.
  • Can drastically reduce stress: Undoubtedly one of the best ways of bursting your stress bubble! This in turn reduces health risks pertaining to the heart and consequently keeps our blood pressure under control.
  • Boosts your heart health: Massage stimulates the production of endorphins i.e the body’s natural painkiller, and regulates the blood pressure. All of this contributes towards keeping your heart healthy.
  • Aids in the digestive process: A stressful job coupled with irregular eating habits often affects our digestive function. The repetitive massages around the naval and abdominal area aids in improving our digestion. This is yet another reason that highlights the importance of massage in our life.
  • For healthy hair and shiny skin: As stated before, massages can cure various aspects of our well-being by getting to the roots of the problem. By fulfilling the requirements for stress-management, massages can help us attain a radiant skin and healthy scalp.
  • Improves blood circulation and flexibility: Bad posture and inactive lifestyle often limits our physical capacity and lowers our body flexibility. This problem can be addressed with the physiological effects of massage. It can enhance blood circulation and thus
  • Cures tendencies of sleeplessness: Do you often feel sleep-deprived? Massage is a quick way to drive away this problem. It is highly evident from the studies that there is a strong link between routine massages and good quality sleep.
  • Decreases the frequency of headaches: Sleep-deprivation and stress are the most common reasons for headaches. As massages have the power to reverse the former conditions, it also obviates the onset of headaches experienced by individuals.
  • Treatment for athletic injuries: A systematic massage conducted by a professional will open the neural pathways within your body and address the root cause of many neuromuscular problems.
  • Improves your attention span: It is no wonder that a prolonged and peaceful session of massage leaves us feeling light. Thus one is able to spring back in action with more focus and resolve.
Get a fresh perspective to your life and uplift your mind, body and soul with the physiological effects of massage. Understanding the importance of massage can help us to heal our body and hone our mind. Live your life to the fullest by paying attention to your needs for health and wellness. Visit Ode Spa for a rejuvenating session today.