10 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Makeup Stay All Day

April 13th, 2018

Looking great is not just about putting on great makeup… It’s also about how long that make-up lasts!

Here are 10 pro tips to help your makeup last all day long:


Exfoliation is the first step to making your makeup last all day. Get rid of dead cells from your face by applying a good exfoliator twice a week. The smoother your skin is, the more even your makeup will be and the longer it will last!

2) Use a good moisturizer

Hydration levels are extremely important when it comes to long-lasting makeup. If you want to avoid your makeup collecting into fine lines and creases throughout the day, apply an anti-ageing moisturizer and you’re good to go!

3) Prime it up

To make your makeup last, you have to seal it in. What better way to do that, than to use a good quality primer? Oh, and make sure, you use an oil free one!

4) Long-wear makeup

Long wear makeup exists for a reason: To make your makeup last longer. So, why not choose them over, normal products?

5) It’s about the layers

Instead of applying one heavy layer of makeup and watching it fade away within hours, make sure, you build your makeup by applying multiple light layers. Trust us, it’ll last way longer than it usually does!

6) Powder for longevity!

To stay put, use a dash of powder to seal your makeup. Your under-eye makeup will thank you and keep those bags at bay!

7) Lip-mapping, anyone?

Use a lip liner along your cupid’s bow and the corners, before applying the lipstick. This not only gives you a structure but also sandwiches the colour in and prevents it from fading away!

8) Hairspray for makeup!

Makeup setting sprays (similar to hairsprays which help those curls stay in place) are a great way to keep your makeup for longer. As a last step before leaving the house, apply a mist of this and you’re sorted for the day.

9) Make the mascara last!

Mascaras can be really troublesome. Getting smudged and what not. Get rid of that madness by choosing a waterproof mascara!


Please don’t. Even if you use the best long lasting products available or use every hack to make your makeup last longer, touching can ruin it all at once. So, stop rubbing your eyes or picking on your lips.

This information was casted from O2 Spa’s very own beauty specialists, who have the expert knowledge on makeup and beauty.

Follow these easy tips and watch yourself slay all day long!