10 Great Reasons For A Regular Body Massage

April 4th, 2017

10 Great Reasons to Have A Regular Body Massage

A full body massage is not just away to feel pampered and enjoy a luxurious time. It has many health benefits that can help you lead a happy and healthy life. Some of the key reasons why you should go for full body massages are:

  1. Relieves Body Pain: Regular spa sessions relaxes joint pains, body aches and soothes the tendons and ligaments without any medicine.
  2. Combats High Levels Of Stress: The Body Massage at O2 Spa also soothes the senses and reduces the agitation of the nerves, providing a calming effect to your mind too.
  3. Relaxes The Muscles: The massage on the muscles and tendons increases their flexibility, making you feel younger day by day. It is a great way to improve posture and gain back the lost flexibility in the body due to advanced age.
  4. Reduces Fat Deposition: Regular massage sessions with hot oils and proper equipment also bursts the fat capsules lying just below your skin and help in the melting of excessive fat in your body, resulting in weight loss and a toned body.
  5. Improves Metabolism: The massage therapies also aid in the increase of the metabolic rate of the body, burning more calories, reducing lethargy and making you feel energetic throughout the day.
  6. Increases Blood Circulation: The Full Body Massage with essential oils by the professional massage technicians can also increase the blood circulation in the body, leading to the proper functioning of the cardiac muscles, the veins and capillaries as well as the internal organs of the body.
  7. Boosts Body Immunity: Apart from increasing the metabolic rate and blood circulation in the body, the full body massages and spa therapies also boost the immune system by flushing out the toxic elements in our body through the lymphatic system.
  8. Cuts Down Cellulite: Along with the fat, the spa therapies and massages also melt the cellulite which is very hard to get rid of even with the help of exercise and diet. The hot oils and heated stones seep deep under the layers of the skin to melt the hard cellulite and make your skin feel toned and supple again.
  9. Controls Blood Pressure: The massage of the body at specific points activates the pressure points resulting in the control of high blood pressure in the body.
  10. Regulates Blood Sugar: Full body massages done at regular intervals also help in the balancing of the hormones such as insulin in the body, thus, regulating the blood sugar levels.