10 DIY Hair-styling Tips to Compliment Your Look!

November 20th, 2017


Creating an interesting hairstyle is something that we all try to do at all times. Be it, a little curl or a little straightening, we all love to work on our hair. However, your efforts will all go down if you do not know how to carry this hairstyle and how to save your hairstyle for a long day of work and meetings.

So, here are some tips to complement your hairstyle and look:

1.Increase hair volume: Use a foaming mousse (Hairspray). It gives volume. Apply it to your hair and blow it dry or you can apply directly to the brush before you style your hair.

2.Curling Hair: Curl your hair from the mid-length of the hair with a curling iron. Do not start with the ends of your hair. This way, your curls will last way longer.

3.Hair Style and Brushes: Use a different hairbrush to give different effects to your hair. The flat brush can be used for every style except curling, a boar bristle brush can be perfect to add shine to your hair.

4.The Right Use of Hairspray: Normally hairspray should be sprayed onto the hair, but if you spray on hand and then apply it to the hair, it spreads evenly throughout the hair.

5.Bobby Pins to Style Your Hair: Let your hairstyle last longer with the use of bobby pins. You can use hairspray on pins to sit more tightly for a long time.

6.Know Your Bobby Pin: Turn the bobby pin, so that wavy side is down. Always check that wavy side of bobby pin should be against your scalp. It provides a better grip on your hair, so it stays in that place.

7.Curls of sticky hair: If you have sticky-straight hair, use aluminium foil and use flat iron to create curls. It lasts for longer period.

8.Use a toothbrush to tame fly-away hair strands by spraying hairspray. The density of bristles will make sure that each wispy hair is coated and tamed by the hairspray and combine them down (to the long hair).

9.Use spin pins to secure your bun hairstyle, instead of bobby pins. These spin pins prove to be helpful, if you have straight and slippery hair.

10.Double Ponytail Hairstyle: If your ponytail looks thin, then you can try double ponytail style. You can make a small ponytail at the upper part of your hair and do another ponytail with remaining free hair just below it. Brush up your hair well and it looks like a single ponytail with more volume and length.

So, those were some easy DIY tips to make your hair look awesome.

What do you think? Do you know any other tips? Let us know in the comments below.