10 Amazing Hair Care Tips for the Lovely Locks

June 13th, 2017

10 Amazing Hair Care Tips for the Lovely Locks

Worrying with the dry scalp? Is frizzy, dry and split hair bothering you? Unable to plait your hair matching the attire? Then you are at the right place, we help you to achieve the best results to calm down your lovely locks and enhance their appearance.

These days both men and women are conscious about their self-image and physical appearance. Most of us leave no stones unturned in our quest to get gorgeous tresses. Many of us try anything and everything to follow the latest trends in hair style. People opt and try for different home remedies to attain a blush and bouncy look on their hair. But luxurious spa treatments are always preferred to DIY’s, as you get treated from a professional, whom you can trust. However, going to the spa may not be possible with the everyday schedules, investing little more time in the intervals of spa visits on your hair will help you out to look fabulous.

Here are the 10 most important hair care tips that everyone should know:

  1. Always brush your hair when it’s dry. The hair is very delicate when wet, so brushing or combing while or after the hair wash is not preferred.
  2. Avoid everyday shampooing, this leads to dry hair and split ends. And it’s tough to work with such kind of hair while hair styling.
  3. Keep your blow dryer 6 inches away from your scalp, if you are using it. The heat from the dryer damages the hair.
  4. Don’t rub with the towel after the hair wash, instead blot your hair with the towel and smooth it gently along the length of the hair.
  5. Cold air gives luster and shine to the hair naturally. Start off with getting exposed to cool air to get shiny hair.
  6. Rinse with the conditioner thoroughly and leave it for at least 10min to get silky hair. The texture of the hair gets improved when this is done once in a week.
  7. A wide tooth comb will help us to detangle the hair before regular brushing and also avoids unnecessary damage to the hair.
  8. Wait at least 48 hours after coloring the hair to shampoo. Every time you wet your hair, you open the cuticle. Give your hair enough time to seal with the color.
  9. Dampen your hair brush before brushing the hair to avoid hair fall and hair damage.
  10. Healthy and planned diet automatically promotes natural and healthy hair growth.